Hotel Hermes is an Intriguing Puzzle RPG – Out Now for Android

Be honest, who among us hasn’t wanted a job delivering the mail in a high class hotel. Oh. No one? Well, that’s what you’re going to be doing in Hotel Hermes, a puzzle RPG that’s just landed on the Play Store.

There looks to be shades of Papers, Please here, albeit with less authoritarian stamping and more sending out invites to parties. You need to use the weird systems in the hotel mail room to make sure the post gets where it’s supposed to go.

You’ll need to deal with other mail clerks, the upper management and the hotel guests, and posting the letters on time can change the world around you. Here’s a trailer.

There really is something innately charming about that art-style, especially if you started your gaming in the 80’s. The whole thing looks charming and intriguing in equal measure.

If you’d like to give the game a go, and we can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t, you can click here to download Hotel Hermes from the Play Store. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $3.99.

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