Hotly Anticipated Open World RPG Genshin Impact Will Be Here in the Next Two Months

Genshin Impact, the highly anticipated open world action-RPG, will be available some time in the next couple of months, developer miHoYo has revealed on the game’s official site. 

According to a post published today, Genshin Impact will be out before October, which means we’ve got just over two months to wait. 

In case you need to be reminded why this is news, Genshin Impact has drawn comparisons to Breath of the Wild, thanks to its distinctive cel-shaded look and open world gameplay. It sees you exploring a vast fantasy world in the shoes of not one but 30 playable characters. 

It’s a multiplayer title, too, with crossplay across mobile, PC, and consoles. Genshin Impact is one of the most promising titles of the year, and it’ll be within your grasp in just over two lunar cycles at the most.

Source: Gematsu

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