How Fan Studio are offering Exciting and Modern Development Solutions In The Mobile Gaming Space

Fan Studio is not your average mobile game developer. It has learnt a great deal since being founded in 2008, helping to create a range of titles for clients that show how important it is to offer captivating and interactive experiences to gamers of all ages.

Don’t take our word for it though, you just need to see the games the studio has worked on. Each one shows how it’s a studio that has grown, not just survived, over the last fifteen years:

DHL EffiBot Dash

A game created in tandem with DHL – a delivery logistics company – EffiBot Dash focuses on you controlling an automated delivery cart named EffiBot.

You navigate challenges that emulate real-world logistics scenarios, in turn demonstrating DHL’s innovative real-time package delivery solutions. Fan Studio made sure that this was a product that actually engaged players, and wasn’t a simple throwaway tie in. 

Little Kitten Series

This is proof of Fan Studio’s ability to create products that generate a loyal fanbase. A range of titles that blend animation and interactivity with an educational undertone, these games have managed to build a solid base of players.

It also shows that Fan Studio are adept at creating experiences for a range of audiences, with skills at developing titles in multiple genres. 

TrafficVille 3D

Fan Studio is a company that gets chart-based results for its clients though, with TrafficVille being the best example of this.

Boasting over 5 million downloads since it was released, TrafficVille 3D demonstrates that this is not a team that only creates custom products for companies like DHL – but also one that can use modern day gamification strategies to create hugely successful titles on mobile. 

But Wait There’s More

If these titles weren’t enough, Fan Studio has also created the Game Design Canvas. It’s a tool to help streamline the process of understanding how much it actually costs to create a video game.

There are so many elements to consider, but this tool helps any client explain the core details of its projects and then see how much it might cost to bring to life.
Fan Studio is paving the way for mobile gaming development studios, and we’d recommend visiting its official site to learn even more about them.

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