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How the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 Changes the Game with $1 for $130 Voucher Deal

The AndaSeat Kaiser 4 gaming chair is launching later this year, and we advise you get involved. For many, many, many reasons.

One is that this isn’t just another bog standard chair flung into an oversaturated market claiming to be for gamers. 

This is a piece of kit that has been designed with mobile gaming enthusiasts in mind. Because having a place to comfortably sit and play on your phone is – as you no doubt know if you’re reading this – absolutely essential.

The Kaiser 4 possesses supreme ergonomic support thanks to an adjustable lumbar system you see, which means longer gaming sessions aren’t just simple – but a pleasure. There’s even 5D Multi-Dimensional Armrests that mean you can tweak the chair to support whatever sitting style you want. 

Then there’s the chair’s supremely lightweight design, excellent durability, and easy maintenance – the latter thanks to the chair’s high-quality, stain-resistant polyurethane synthetic leather. This surpasses real leather with its easy cleaning properties.

This use of synthetic leather also brings us onto the fact that this is a gaming chair with a high level of environmental consciousness. And we say that sincerely, as it uses recyclable materials in its production and has a low overall environmental impact.

If you’re not convinced yet – and how are you not – then the fact the seat has an amazing early bird deal should seal the deal. 

With this promotion AndaSeat are offering you to get ahead of the crowd with a minimal investment of $1, which you can then get a $130 voucher to use against the value of the chair when it launches.

To get on board with this deal, and learn more about the AndaSeat Kaiser 4 in the process, you can click right here. But be quick, the early bird deal is only valid from the 7th to the 15th of April. Go go go!

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