How to Level Up and Earn Coins in FIFA 23

Even if you’ve never played it, FIFA 23 needs no introduction. When it comes to soccer-based video game franchises, there’s only one real superstar on the field. 

That means there are lots of people playing it. In fact, FIFA 23 is one of the most competitive arenas in which to play video games online. Generations of fans have honed their skills over years and decades.

Nervous? Don’t be. We’re here to give you the lowdown on how to level up, accumulate coins, and generally make the most of your time with FIFA 23. 

Starting Out

The main currency in FIFA 23 is coins, which you earn by participating in matches, competing in tournaments, and so on. Or you can buy FIFA coins outright with real money (or FC 24 coins), which is quicker and easier than the alternative methods – but more expensive. 

Once you’ve amassed some cash, you can spend it on new players or random packs of players. 


Sets of player cards have varying degrees of value, such as bronze, silver, gold, and special. The higher the value, the greater your chance of obtaining good and eminent players. 

But it’s not just about the quality of the players. Chemistry is a huge factor too.

If your players know how to interact well on the field, they’ll be able to take down a team that seemingly has the advantage in terms of raw numbers, allowing you to earn coins at a faster rate. 


FIFA 23 also lets you earn coins by completing time-limited tasks. 

The beauty of tasks is that they don’t necessarily require you to make any particular effort, though you’ll obviously progress faster if you’re trying. But be warned: if a task times out before you’ve completed it, your effort up to that point will be wasted. 

It’s worth noting that certain tasks are impossible to complete, or at least very difficult. For example, you might have to release three players who aren’t even on your team. 


Like tasks, moments are actions that you have to perform in order to earn coins. 

As their name suggests, however, they’re all about the action on the pitch. They ask you to perfectly recreate events from famous historical matches, such as an inch-perfect pass into the box or a header into the back of the net.

Moments are fairly demanding, since you’ll need to pull them off perfectly to progress, but they’re a fun way of earning coins while improving your skills. 


If you’re already a dab hand at FIFA 23, you can get your hands on plenty of coins by participating in tournaments. 

Available to active players capable of scoring at least 1250 points per week, tournaments see you playing in qualifiers, a champions league, and eventually finals – if you’re good enough to get that far.

To advance from qualifiers you’ll need to win at least four out of ten qualifying matches, with each win netting you coins, sets, and players.  

It’s worth bearing in mind that qualifying matches are not sorted according to rank. This means you might find yourself getting absolutely battered by a much better player, or delivering a brutal smackdown to an opponent who’s just not at your sublime level.

The beauty of tournaments is that you can earn coins and other goodies in decent quantities just by playing, even if you lose every time. 


It goes without saying that having good players helps you win. But getting hold of these players isn’t straightforward, with many only being available through taking part in events and simply spending a lot of time on the field. 

That’s where all the coins you’ve amassed can come in handy, allowing you to buy players from your fellow FIFA 23 fans and build an unstoppable team of legendary ball-kickers.

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