HTC sacrificed battery life to make thinner phones based on customer feedback

We have ourselves to blame for not having a HTC Android smartphone that can power through hours of gaming and regular use without begging for a recharge. Various news outlets are reporting that Bjorn Kilburn, who is the vice president of product strategy for HTC, said customers prefer thinner phones over battery life.

HTC conducted surveys that ultimately resulted in the company giving up plans to ship thicker phones with at least 3,000mAh batteries. Instead, we’re getting thin phones such as the HTC One X that contains a 1,800mAh battery.

According to The Verge, Kilburn said battery life can be extended through software optimization and overall improvements in battery technology.

I’m not sure what demographic of the population HTC surveyed, but there’s no way I would give up hours of additional battery life just so my phone can be 8.9mm thick. Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of new smartphones these days that are held back because of their thickness. I refuse to believe HTC’s phones would have been unreasonably thick had that survey gone the other way. I mean, the Droid Razr Maxxx is 8.99mm thick and it has a 3,300mAh battery.

A smartphone’s usefulness is significantly lowered if we can’t stray too far from a charger while doing everyday tasks. I hope HTC looks at things that way when it makes its next batch of phones.

Website Referenced: The Verge

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