[Update: More Games Added] Humble Bulkypix Mobile Bundle has gone live and is now available

Humble Bundle has launched a new themed bundle today and this time it features all Bulkypix games. However, unlike previous themed Humble Mobile Bundles that feature the three tier system lately, this one is the normal two tier system, which means you pay what you want for some games, or above the average amount for all of them.

Update June 22nd, 2015 11:28am PST: The Humble Bulkypix Mobile Bundle now has a total of 11 games available for it, as today sees three more games added to the Bulkypix Mobile Bundle. The new games added to the bundle are Aby Escape, Orborun, and Jazz: Trump’s Journey. If you paid above the average amount for this bundle already, you should have these three new games already available to you.

Like always, you can pay whatever price you want for a select amount of games in this bundle. However, pay over the average amount at the time of your purchase and you will get all the games in this bundle as well as the titles that will be added next week to it. Of course you can control who gets your money, whether it is charity, Humble Bundle, or a little of both.

Pay what you want and get:

– Type:Rider
– Meltdown Premium
– iPollute
– Pretentious Game

Pay above the average amount and also get:

– Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete Edition
– Corto Maltese
– Twin Blades
– Dark Lands Premium

This is actually a pretty big Humble Bundle, if you take into account all the episodes in Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf and so on. As usual, there will be more games added next week as well, making this bigger. For now though, pay what you want and you get either four or eight games depending on the amount you pay.

When more games are added next week, we will post an update. We have written about almost all of these games so if you want to find out more about any of them, just search for them here on our site.

Official Website: Humble Bulkypix Mobile Bundle

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