Humble Bundle #2 now out for Android, features some great unreleased games

After the huge success the first Humble Bundle for Android had, the second one is now available and comes with five games that have not been released onto Android as of right now. One title is the highly sought after  Canabalt from Adamatoic (now with a 2 player mode). Remember we were talking about this game awhile back? Seems they decided to bring it to Android after all.

For the next two weeks the Humble Bundle #2 will be available for any Android users to grab, of course paying whatever price you want to pay for this awesome pack of games just like the first Humble Bundle. Anyone who purchases the new Humble Bundle for over $1.00 will also get a Steam key so you can grab the games off of Steam. When you buy the Humble Bundle pack, regardless of the price you pay, you will have access to all five games for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Humble Bundle #2 Titles:

– Meditative 3D puzzler, Zen Bound 2;
– Indie parkour platformer, Canabalt;
– Critically acclaimed steampunk indie puzzler Cogs;
– an Android tablet special — the epic, old-school role-playing game, Avadon: The Black Fortress;
– and for users who pay more than the average price, the vibrant, side-scrolling strategy title, Swords & Soldiers.

All five games are pretty awesome titles that just about any Android gamer will want to play. All the games except Avadon: The Black Fortress also will come with complete soundtracks for you to enjoy. As with the last Humble Bundle for Android, you can also choose how the money you spend on this pack is divided up whether the proceeds go to charity, the game developers, Humble Bundle itself or split any number of ways between the three.

If you are up for supporting charity once again through Humble Bundle, as well as picking up some seriously great games as a result of your support, then hit up the link below to nab the Android Humble Bundle #2. All of these games coming in this bundle are making their debut on Android.

Official Website: Humble Bundle #2

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