Humble Bundle 3 for Android now live, Bit.Trip Beat, Uplink and more

The third Humble Bundle for Android has just gone live and the selection of games coming in this bundle is one of the best so far, depending on the type of games you like to play of course. Either way, the selection of games is nice featuring a few games not yet available on Google Play until today.

As with all Humble Bundle packages for Android, you set your own price that you want to pay for the bundle and how the money you pay for it is divided up, whether it all goes to charity, or some goes to the devs or even Humble Bundle themselves. You will get four games for whatever you pay for your bundle but it you pay higher than the average price being paid by everyone when you go to purchase your bundle, you will unlock a fifth game as well.

Humble Bundle 3 for Android games:

– Fieldrunners
– SpaceChem
– Bit.Trip Beat
– Uplink
– Spirits (Unlockable if paying above the average amount)

Bit.Trip Beat is one of the additions to the awesome retro Bit.Trip series of games. It was just released onto Google Play today for $0.99 as well for those of you wanting to just get this game. SpaceChem and Fieldrunners are both available already on Google Play while Uplink, the awesome hacking themed game, isn’t showing up there just yet. The same goes for Spirits as well, the unlockable fifth game.

We won’t hold you up any more, go over to the official Humble Bundle 3 for Android page and grab yours now. You also receive PC/Mac/Linux versions of each game as well.

Official Website: Humble Bundle for Android 3

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