Humble Bundle has announced the bonus games for Mobile Bundle 13

Humble Bundle, known for the name-your-own-price for bundles of games and supporting charity while you’re at it, released Humble Mobile Bundle 13 back on the start of the month. When it started, this bundle had six games and now, a week later, more games have been added to it like usual.

So the initial offering was the following:

Pay what you want and receive:

– Timelines: Assault on America (Premium)
– The Ministry of Silly Walks
– Hellraid: The Escape.

Pay above the average amount and also receive:

– Puzzle Retreat Complete
– Worms 3
– Twisty Hollow

Only now, the second tier now includes the following:

– Puk, a puzzler that take the idea that starts with air-hocky, and gives players a finite amount of pucks with which to bounce and ricochet them around to remove other objects from the field of play. The game has over 1,000 levels.
– Jump’n’Shoot, a Mega Man-esque side-scroller.

At the time I write this, the average that must be exceeded in order to get the five bonus games is a measly $3.23, but that will definitely climb as people pay above that to get all eight games.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle 13

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