Humble Bundle style Indie Gala offering up four games for Android, pay what you want

Indie Gala, in similar style to recent Humble Bundle packs, have released a new set of games although this time they are for Android. In total there are four games that come with this Indie Gala game pack, all of which are pretty great games. Just like the Humble Bundle, you get to name your price for this game pack.

Currently the four games being offered in this Indie Gala pack are:

– Great Little War Game
– Smiles HD
– Legends of Yore
– Cardinal Quest

Most people should be familiar with all four of these games with the possible exception of Cardinal Quest which happens to be a great dungeon crawler with a nice retro style to it. We actually reported on Cardinal Quest last week so if you want further details about that game, just hit up our previous article.

For those of you feeling generious and happen to pay more than the average price for the four game pack, which is currently floating around the $4.58 price range, you will receive an addition three games in your pack: Manor of the Damned, Turba, and Pitiri 1977. You will also get the PC versions of these games as an added bonus.

Pitiri 1977 Trailer

Of course it is always good to support indie developers and these indie game packs also support different charities. In the case of this Indie Gala, you can choose to send what you pay for this game pack, or part of it, to either The Italian Red Cross or Able Gamers charities. Hit up the link below to check it out.

Official Website: Indie Gala

Website Referenced: TalkAndroid

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