The latest Humble Mobile Bundle features 9 of the best platformers on Android

LIMBO in the Humble Mobile Bundle

If you go down to the Humble Store today, you’re sure of a big surprise. The latest Humble Mobile Bundle features the absolute best platformers Android has to offer, at ridiculously low prices.

As ever, you can pay what you want for a couple, then there are two further tiers to unlock the rest. Pay more than the average for one, and over $5 for the other.

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s on offer.

Humble Mobile Bundle: Pay anything for

  • Devious Dungeon
  • Devious Dungeon 2
  • Eggggg – The Platform Puker

Pay more than the average for

  • Gunbrick
  • RunGunJumpGun

Pay more than $5 for

  • Never Alone: Ki Edition
  • Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

The Humble Mobile Bundles are usually good, but that’s just ridiculous. It’s an absolute bounty of Android platforming goodness.

You’ve got the highly inventive Eggggg and Gunbrick, the console-quality Never Alone and Brothers, and LIMBO – which needs no introduction.

And that’s all for $5. What’s more, you’ve got more games on the way too that will slot into the second tier. We’re only really missing the Rayman games to make this a flawless bundle. Here’s hoping.

Go and grab it right now from the Humble Store – you have absolutely no excuses.

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