Humble Mobile Bundle: HandyGames has arrived and has 15 games to start

Humble Bundle has released their newest themed mobile bundle this morning and the company in this particular themed bundle happens to be HandyGames. This also happens to be one of the bigger starting bundles we’ve seen in awhile, with 15 games being available right off the jump.

If you remember the last bundle that was released earlier this month, Humble Bundle is using a new format for these bundles with regards to the pricing. The company has dropped the ‘Pay above the average amount’ part of it for the second tier and gone with flat rate starting prices for each tier instead. So, Tier 1 will be paying anything over $1, while Tier 2 is paying anything over $3, and Tier 3 being any amount over $5.

So here is what you’ll be getting depending on what amount you pay:

Tier 1 – Pay any amount over $1 and get:

– 1941 Frozen Front
– Aces of the Luftwaffe
– Aporkalypse
– Clouds & Sheep
– Guns n’ Glory WW2

Tier 2 – Pay any amount over $3 and get:

– Everything in Tier 1
– Rocket Island
– Ninja Hero Cats
– Guns n’ Glory Zombies
– Stage Dive Legends
– Devils & Demons
– Any games added next week

Tier 3 – Pay any amount over $5 and get:

– Everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2
– 1942 Pacific Front
– Clouds & Sheep 2
– Townsmen
– Guns n’ Glory Heroes
– Dynamite Fishing World Games

All the games in this bundle are the premium versions, since all of them also have free versions available on Google Play to try out. Most of these games are pretty enjoyable. Next week there will be at least one more game (probably more) added to this bundle, and when that happens, we will post an update.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle: HandyGames

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