Hunt, fight, and upgrade your skills in The Wolf, now available from Google Play

Released by Swift Apps LTD, The Wolf is an online simulator that’s been released on to Android. In this game, players will assume the eponymous role of a wolf, and work their way through the open world. At the game’s opening, players will be able to both select which subspecies they’d like to appear as, and also customize the stats and skills of said wolf that they plan to use, which includes Health, Defense, Attack, and Speed for its Attributes, and a trio of skill trees that cover the following categories: Basic (pumps to attack, health regen, etc), Aura (boosts to attack and crit, as well as regen after death), and Special (icy spikes, venemous skin, and so on).

Players will use virtual controls to move their wolf around, with a control stick in the lower left corner, attack in the lower right, and rader, HP, XP, and other information in the upper corners. Players will encounter each other (in the form of wolves), as well as NPC rabbits, raccoons, deer, bobcats, and more that can be hunted and killed, for experience points. Some, like the deer or bobcats, will fight back when attacked.

There’s no story or plot that I could find within the game, so this appears to be a straight sandboxed simulator, with .  There are two game modes that players can participate in. The first is PvP, where players can face off in a Battle Arena. The other mode is the open and cooperative mode that, again, features hunting other animals. The setting for the game is that of a sunny and woodsy are, though what I saw had the trees show up on a more occasional basis, as if playing in a large clearing.

The Wolf is available for free from Google Play. The game does contain both ads, as well as optional IAPs, for things like purchasing currency to bypass grinding for skill upgrades.

Google Play: The Wolf

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