KLab Is Cooking Up A New Hybrid-Casual Game Based On Bleach

featured image for our news on hybrid-casual game. it features the poster of the anime Bleach where the protagonist has a dual face with one half looking like a skeletal face.

The latest buzz from KLab, the Japanese entertainment content company, is that they’re cooking up something brand new. It’s supposed to be a hybrid-casual game based on Bleach for players worldwide. Curious to know what’s the scoop? Follow along to find out!

But First, What’s A Hybrid-Casual Game?

Hybrid-casual games are a fusion of hyper-casual and mid-core gaming elements. They offer straightforward gameplay paired with deeper features. Hyper-casual games are games with pretty easy gameplay. They’re often free and feature minimalist designs. While mid-core games offer more complexity and depth, requiring you to invest more time and effort.

So, KLab is making a new hybrid-casual game for Bleach fans. It’ll be a hybrid-casual game, so you can expect the accessibility of hyper-casual titles combined with the depth of mid-core games. Also, it will be available in both Japanese and English language. Other than that, KLab hasn’t revealed any other specifics, including when we can get our hands on the game.

According to KLab, hybrid-casual games are the new ‘it’ thing in the gaming scene. This gaming model has been racking up players since around 2020. And it’ll continue to keep growing, both in popularity and profitability for the coming years. You can check out more about it on this official announcement page.

Ever Watched Or Played Bleach?

Bleach is a smash-hit manga about soul-reaping sword fights. It kicked off in 2001 and has over 74 volumes. It was adapted into an anime series, which aired on TV from 2004 to 2012. Later, it was also adapted to the big screen with four movies.

Meanwhile, KLab is celebrating the success of their 3D beat-em-up gacha game Bleach: Brave Souls. It recently hit 90 million downloads globally, and so they’re giving away free units and more. Snag items like Thousand-Year Blood War summons, new showcase The Future Society Zenith Summons: Cyber with some pumped-up versions of Ulquiorra, Orihime, and Nnoitora.

Well, that wraps up our scoop on the upcoming hybrid-casual game by KLab. Before heading out, take a look at our other news. Shuffle Your Cards In The Gnarled Groves Of Oaken, A New Turn-Based Roguelike.

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