Hyperactive Ninja by Ninja Coders

Are you a ninja? Enjoy bouncing off walls and attacking enemies from behind? Well even if you aren’t there is a new game on the Android market which is a fast paced platformer with a nice 8-bit retro style called Hyperactive Ninja, developed by Ninja Coders. In this game you are a ninja strung out on caffeine and you need to get past every level continuously move and rescue all the coffee.

Featuring 8-bit retro graphics, Hyperactive Ninja is a great looking retro style platform game. Controls are simple, tap the screen to jump. You can jump back and forth to climb high walls, jump over spikes or jump at enemies when they aren’t facing you. Make sure to grab all the coffee you can along the way because if you don’t and you run out of caffeine then it’s game over!


  • 30+ levels already with more each month
  • Achievements system
  • Each level gets increasingly harder
  • Share your score on Facebook
  • Great reto 8-bit graphics
  • Save/Load your games


This is another example of a great casual game that you can pick up and play at any point in the day when you have a few moments to kill or sit down and go hardcore at it for an hour. Hyperactive Ninja has simple controls, cool retro graphics and lots of coffee and cool enemies to kill along your way to rescuing that coffee.

You can try Hyperactive Ninja for free with the Lite version or grab the full version off the Android market for $2.00USD. Definitely a great little retro game to add to your collection.

Developer Website: Ninja Coders

Direct Market Link: Hyperactive Ninja

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