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Hyperfront Closed Beta has Kicked Off in Select Territories

Hyperfront, which used to be called Project M, is Netease’s take on the likes of Valorant. It’s a 5v5 hero shooter that sees you picking a character with a specific set of skills and then blasting stuff. That’s probably an oversimplification.

Different heroes have different moves to bring to the battlefield. There’s teleporting, scanning, blocking and more. And there’s a massive arsenal of weapons to pick from too.

The game has just launched a closed beta in Thailand, Canada, Brazil and Japan, so if you live in any of those places you can download it directly from the Play Store.

The game looks kinda shiny, as you’d expect by something powered by Unreal 4. Apparently only certain devices are supported in the beta, and we imagine you’ll find out if you’ve got one when you try and install it.

You can click here to check out Hyper Front from the Play Store – remember you’ll only be able to download it in Thailand, Canada, Brazil and Japan. We’ll let you know when it’s available worldwide.

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