Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on Sale for Better Than Half Price

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is a polished and preened version of the classic RPG. And right now you can grab it from the Google Play Store for better than half price. It’s pretty cheap, but is it worth it? We reckon so, but with some caveats.

For one thing, the game is optimized for tablets, and isn’t recommended for phones with screens smaller than seven inches. So if your device doesn’t fit into those categories, we’d say give this one a miss. A cheap game you can’t play properly isn’t going to brighten your day.

However, if you’re rocking an Android tablet or a massive phone, you’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend your money today. Icewind Dale is a marvelous experience that’s going to take up hours and hours of your life.

The game might not be perfect on touchscreen, but for less than five bucks it’s pretty much a steal. And Beamdog has done plenty of work on the game since it came out to whip it into shape to.

Click here and you can grab Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition from the Google Play Store right this second. The game will set you back $4.49, and you’re getting one of the best retro RPGs.

Have you played Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition? Do you think it’s worth the price? Let us know your take in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

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