Multiplayer horror game Identity V is out now on Android

Identity V Android

Identity V, the real time multiplayer horror game, is finally out on Android. It launched on iOS last week, but was sadly delayed to this one on our favourite platform.

You play on one of two teams: hunter or the hunted, and have to either hunt and kill or just run away. The hunter is always alone, while the survivors work in teams of four.

Identity V is out right now on Android

Survivors don’t just have to run and hide though – they can actually escape. You’ll have to cooperate though, to decode stuff and open the gate.

There are multiple different characters to choose from, and you can customise them however you’d like. That way you can come up with a playstyle that works for you.

With random map elements, a Victorian era setting, and multiplayer fun for days, Identity V is well worth checking out. Grab it right now on Google Play.

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