Identity V x Danganronpa V3 Characters Revealed Alongside Pre-Registration

feature image for our identity v x danganronpa V3 collab news, the image features promo art for the event, with danganronpa characters in the style of identity v survivors as they appear inside of broken shards of glass

The Identity V x Danganronpa V3 collaboration has a new announcement! Not too long ago, the official Twitter page for Identity V posted a teaser image asking players to guess which characters will be included in the upcoming event. Well, they’ve officially released the character names! 

You can pre-register for the exciting collaboration over on the official website. For more information about Identity V, take a look at their official Twitter page.

Which Danganronpa Characters Are Included?

Keep in mind that the collaboration is not bringing new characters to the roster, but instead adding brand-new skins for already existing survivors. Let’s look closer at which survivors are getting the Danganronpa V3 skins!

  • Journalist – Kaede Akamatsu Skin
  • Acrobat – Kokichi Oma Skin
  • “Prisoner” – Rantaro Amami Skin
  • Toy Merchant – Miu Iruma Skin
  • Novelist – Shuichi Saihara Skin

Furthermore, there hasn’t been any information regarding what the skins look like in-game, or if they will have unique stats tied to them. 

Pre-Register for the Event Now!

There is a pre-registration campaign that is ongoing at the moment for the Identity V x Dangaonronpa V3 collaboration. An exclusive portrait of Monokuma is available to players once they have pre-registered, with Dangaonronpa Essence up for grabs at each milestone – these rewards will be delivered to the in-game mail once the event begins. 

  • 100W – Danganronpa Essence x2
  • 200W – Danganronpa Essence x2
  • 300W – Danganronpa Essence x2
  • 400W – Danganronpa Essence x2
  • 500W – – Danganronpa Essence x2

Previous Collaborations

This isn’t the first time Identity V has collaborated with the Danganronpa franchise. In past events, Monokuma was added as a Hunter, as well as Makoto Naegi, Hajime Hinata, Nagito Komaeda, Chiaki Nanami, Mikan Tsumiki, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Junko Enoshima as Survivors. The original voice actors made an appearance in the previous collaboration, so we presume that it will be the same for the Identity V x Danganronpa V3 event!

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