Idle RPG Dungeon Dogs Will Arrive for Android on August 19th

Dungeon Dogs, the sequel to popular idle RPG Castle Cats, is due to arrive on the Google Play Store on August the 19th. 

The game sees you joining three dogs called Lyra, Ken, and Poppy as they attempt to do what every self-respecting dog aspires to do: take down the evil cat king, who is doing what every self-respecting cat does: treating dogs like second class citizens. 

Being an idle RPG, Dungeon Dogs lets you set your battles running automatically while you’re doing other things, allowing you to swoop in later and reap the rewards. As you progress you’ll collect new dogs, craft items, and more. 

There will be 45 dogs to collect at launch, and 85 quests to complete, with more in the pipeline. Developer PocApp promises an ever evolving game with regular updates, events, and special guest appearances. 

Dungeon Dogs will be out on the 19th, but you can pre-register for it right now.

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