Idle Shooter Sequel War Tortoise 2 is More Action Packed Than it Sounds

War Tortoise 2 is an idle shooter from Foursaken Media, out now on Android.

Following the blueprint established by War Tortoise, which came out in 2016, War Tortoise 2 sees you taking control of a giant tortoise that’s covered in thick armor and equipped with a battery of powerful guns. 

Incremental Progress is the Tortoise Way

You need to explore, recruit units, conquer new territories, build defences, collect resources, and generally reduce your enemies to bloody steaming ash, all the while upgrading your weapons, armor, and everything else in your strange reptilian life. 

It’s a barmy premise, but it works. The first game received favorable reviews thanks to its gratifying upgrade mechanic, generous perks, and abundant upgrades. You can almost certainly expect more of the same from this latest instalment. 

Download War Tortoise 2 for free on Google Play.

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