Idoly Pride Pre-Registration Opens for Global Fans – But Only On Android

feature image for our idoly pride pre-registration news, the image features promo screenshots of the game of one of the idol group members wearing a stage costume while performing on stage as she smiles with her hand up, there is also a screenshot of a character wearing a stage costume in what looks to be a dressing room with an uncomfortable expression on her face

Idoly Pride pre-registration is finally here – for Android users, at least. At this current time, you can only sign up for pre-registration on Google Play, with the App Store availability arriving at a later date.

Now, we recommend watching the popular anime series of this game prior to playing it. While it’s not crucial, it’s important to note that the Idoly Pride game is a direct prequel to the show. Additionally, the game is already out in Japan, so the latest Idoly Pride pre-registration period is for the much-anticipated global release.

What is Idoly Pride?

Idoly Pride is another entry in the idol management genre. With similar games on the market, what makes Idoly Pride different from the rest? Well, there’s no harm in trying out another idol game, especially if you’re already a fan of Love Live School Idol Festival and Project Sekai.

You can expect to see the typical tropes of the genre, such as building bonds with your idol members and unlocking brand-new venues as you progress through the game. The IP itself has an avid fan base, with the original anime series releasing in early 2021. 

What to Expect

The main selling point of the game seems to be the interactions between you and the popular characters, as well as the 3D animations. It’s certainly not for everyone, but the game will probably appeal to those who enjoy listening to JPOP and other real-life idol groups. 

Remember to bookmark our news page for more updates on the Idoly Pride pre-registration period for Apple users – we expect it to be soon! For more information about the game, you can visit the official website. Waiting for Idoly Pride to release? Take a look at our Best New Android Games This Week guide!

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