IGG’s next game is Kingdom Charge and will be arriving this month

I Got Games (a.k.a IGG) has announced what their next game will be and it is a title called Kingdom Charge. This will be a fantasy-themed game where players will be helping Lancelot and his band of heroes who are trying to prevent Lord Abaddon from getting the Obsidian Key which will, in turn, end up having Lord Abaddon causing havoc throughout the lands should he succeed.

Kingdom Charge is an RPG that has players forming a group of heroes, each with their own unique class and abilities, in an attempt to stop Lord Abaddon. Combat appears to be side-scrolling defense style gameplay in that your group will be pushing through the current stage you are in, killing enemies that they encounter, and picking up any look that drops in the process.

Kingdom Charge Features:

– Deep and strategic combat
– Tons of unique heroes allow for endless team configurations
– Visually dazzling skills and boss summons
– Plunder loot from your enemies
– A robust enchantment system for your gear
– Epic boss battles rewarding epic loot
– Play alongside your friends in Guilds
– Global rankings so you can be the best in the world

While the main content of this game is single-player focused, players can also go up against their friends and other players in the PvP arena. Players will also be able to swap out different heroes as they come across new ones in their journey to stop Lord Abaddon.

Kingdom Charge will be released onto Google Play at some point this month. Considering the type of game this is, Kingdom Charge will more than likely be free to download with optional IAPs available. We will post an update once is lands on Google Play.

Developer Website: IGG

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