IGG Sets up Fund, Sends Medical Supplies to Wuhan

Mobile developer IGG has set up a fund to support those in Wuhan who have been affected by coronavirus, with the first batch of donations already dispatched to the beleaguered city.

The coronavirus outbreak has been going on since December 8th, though the situation has escalated in recent weeks. Thousands of cases have been confirmed, with the death toll now well over 100. 

The disease has spread throughout China, as well as to a number of other countries, including Germany, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and the US. 

As a result, Wuhan is in virtual lockdown as Chinese authorities attempt to contain the disease and limit any further spread.

IGG was quick to bring its enormous clout to bear on the problem. The company – whose hit games include Clash of Lords, Lords Mobile, and Castle Clash – contacted hospitals and health officials in Wuhan to gain an understanding of the city’s needs. 

First responder

It then sent out requests to dozens of global offices in order to procure vital medical equipment and supplies, many of which are already in the hands of the relevant authorities in Wuhan. 

At the time of writing the first batch of over 450,000 items, including surgical masks and gloves, n95 masks, and other supplies, have already been partially delivered to medical institutions and staff. IGG has pledged its continued support as the epidemic grows. 

This isn’t the first charitable endeavor IGG has thrown itself into. Last year the company collaborated for the second time with War Child UK, and it also supports the Make-A-Wish Foundation. 

So if you happen to enjoy a spot of Lords Mobile or Clash of Royale (or indeed any of IGG’s vast library of free-to-play games) you can play in the knowledge that you’re helping to support those less fortunate than yourself – including the victims of coronavirus.

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