‘illo – Birth of the Cool hits up Kickstarter, definitely a unique looking game

There are no shortages of Kickstarter projects relating to gaming to try and fund, even if you break it down to mobile gaming. All of the usually have a good idea or a unique twist to them and Raylight definitely has a unique look to their puzzle game that they are trying to get funded called ‘illo – Birth of the Cool. Aside from the rather entertaining title, this puzzle game features quite the unique art style to it, having not really seen anything quite like this before.

Minimalistic art fans out there will really appreciate this game and the style that it has but if you’re a fan of puzzle games in general, you will also probably be a little more than intrigued by ‘illo – Birth of the Cool. Basically in this game you have to guide ‘illo through different levels that are made up of a minimalistic look to it. This is done by tapping and using waypoints to guide your little character around each stage. The developers plan to get a lot more creative than that with this game as well, especially concerning how players interact with the game.

Other ways of interaction that are being played around with include blowing into your phone’s mic to create a gust of wind. This wind that you’ve now created can be used to slow ‘illo decent when he steps off of a platform for instance. All the fancy possible features that the developers bring will still be over-shadowed by the art style that this game has. The level designs being shown off on the game’s Kickstarter page leave a lot to the imagination and how to possibly guide your character through them.

If you’re in the mood to play a really unique looking game and up for helping one get funded so you can play it, hit up Raylight’s Kickstarter page and drop a couple of bucks to help out. They are looking for $270,000 in funding and currently days 31 days to go to reach their goal. You can check out the official trailer below.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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