Imagine Dragons launches a new mobile game where proceeds go to the Tyler Robinson Foundation

The band Imagine Dragons, which began their lives here in our hometown of Las Vegas, have released a new game featuring themselves in it called Stage Rush: Imagine Dragons. Developed by Zig Zag Zoom, this is an endless runner style of game where you will be controlling one of the band members that you choose.

This game has players choosing which band member they want to play as, before heading out into the game world to run while listening to Imagine Dragons’ songs. You’ll actually be running through the streets of Las Vegas, avoiding various obstacles while trying to last for as long as possible. Unfortunately obstacles don’t include people who have been partying way too much and have passed out on the street or are staggering around.

Stage Rush Features:

• Run as Imagine Dragons: through Las Vegas & Paris to the beat of their hit songs “Demons,” “Radioactive,” “Shots,” “On Top of the World” and more!
• Exclusive Access: Learn fun and interesting facts about the band, never before seen photographs, and the chance to ask questions
• Dress like a Rock Star: Buy outfits and accessories worn by the band members in their most popular videos
• Unlock Secrets and Bonuses: Collect letters to unlock the secret bonus stage for in-game prizes!

Sure, it’s an endless runner type of title, of which there’s plenty of them out there in mobile gaming land, but this one also supports a good cause. For the first month (February 4, 2016 through March 4, 2016) that this game is available, $1 out of every purchased copy of Stage Rush will go to the Tyler Robinson Foundation which help families fight pediatric cancer.

Stage Rush: Imagine Dragons is available for download off of Google Play for $1.99. After the first month is over, 25% of every copy purchased will continue to be donated to the Tyler Robinson Foundation.

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