Incoming! Goblins Attack TD is now available on Google Play

If you’re a fan of tower defense games (and there’s a LOT to choose from on Android), Incoming! Goblins Attack TD is now available on Google Play.Incoming! contains 160 levels spread out over four different worlds that are comprised of green woods, night swamps, icy mountains, and the fiery depths of a volcano, all shown in 3D graphics and zoom-in capabilities.

Players will be able to use the eponymous towers as well as spells (which can be upgraded) in their attempt to stave off the hordes of monsters that will proceed to attack from both land as well as from water. There’s also an achievement system. There is quite a diverse set of enemies whose progress players will try to impede. They include:

– Barbarians
– Black knights
– Demons
– Dragons
– Gargoyles
– Goblins
– Golems
– (the terrifying)Ice Queen
– Ice wolves
– Lycanthropes
– Necromancers
– Skeletons
– Trolls
– the Undead
– Vampires
– Zombies
– and other mystical creatures

XYRALITY has released this game as a Free-to-Play title with the requisite In-App Purchases included.

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