Infinite Dreams gearing up to release Shoot the Zombirds onto Android soon

Taking their rather popular game for Android called Shoot the Birds and combining it with a zombie theme, Infinite Dreams is currently working on this new mash up which will be called Shoot the Zombirds and will be arriving soon as the game is currently in beta status.

Shoot the Zombirds will take the gameplay from Shoot the Birds and combine it with a zombie theme. While most of the details are still being kept behind closed doors for now, the developers do mention that is will come with fast-paced gameplay, gorgeous graphics and an intuitive control scheme. Infinite Dreams also sent us some artwork to show our readers which you can check out below.

Unfortunately no exact release date has been announced but Infinite Dreams do plan to release more details about Shoot the Zombirds as it nears launch. Yes, it looks like you will have a pumpkin for a head again.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

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