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Infinity Pinball Is a Pinball Game with Procedurally Generated Tables, Out Now in Early Access

Developer Digital Will has just announced Infinity Pinball, a pinball game with procedurally generated tables and a nifty 80s aesthetic. It’s out now in early access.

In terms of presentation, Infinity Pinball is a mash-up of the colorful neon and primitive CGI that characterized a lot of 80s media and retro graphics taken straight out of a game made in the 80s. The playing area is nested with a pocket game bezel, too.

Gameplay-wise, it’s pinball with a twist, in that the aim is to smash the ball up the screen and into the screen above, in a presumably infinite procession of procedurally generated tables.

There a five different tables, all with their own soundtracks, designs, and bash toys. There are nine balls to collect, too, plus 11 skins for your virtual pocket gaming console.

It’s a neat take on pinball with a neat aesthetic. And it’s free. Download Infinity Pinball right now on the Google Play Store.

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