Infinte Dreams launches 4 of their biggest games onto the Amazon App Store.

Infinite Dreams have developed some really great Android games across multiple genres including vertical scrolling shoot-em-up Sky Force and Sky Force Reloaded. Today they are announcing that 4 of their biggest games are now available to users of the Amazon App Store for slightly less then on the Android Market.

The pricing isn’t surprising at all considering that Amazon selects the price so naturally they are going to try and undercut the Android Market even if it is only by $0.21. All four of Infinite Dream’s games are great so you can expect to be happy with any of them you decide to buy. So what games did they put on the App Store for Android?



Depending on what you like to play, you’ll enjoy one or more of these games. The names in the list above are linked to their respective page on Amazon’s App Store.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

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