Ingress Prime is a remake of Niantic’s first AR game

Ingress Prime Android

You might know Niantic best for Pokemon GO, but its first game, Ingress, laid the foundations. It was also a location based AR game but it’s sci fi themed rather than colourful with little monsters.

And in 2018, Niantic will reboot it as Ingress Prime. It will feature a brand new UI, redesigned sound, and support brand new AR technology. It looks set to impress all over again.

You can still check it out even if you didn’t play the original, as a tutorial will be available for new users.

Ingress Prime will reboot the franchise in 2018

Niantic will also kick off a brand new story that will reset the world as you know and love it, allowing new players to experience it for the first time.

There will also be an anime series coming out in 2018, which will presumably expand the universe. We don’t know much else about that though right now.

We’ll keep you posted. Ingress Prime will launch on Android in 2018, and you can learn more on the official site.

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