Ingress-themed watch face for Android Wear users

According to Android Police, there’s now a watch face themed to fit the game Ingress; if it’s been a while for you since it’s been on your radar, there is a Google Play link to the game at the bottom of this article.

While this isn’t the only Ingress themed watch face, this is the far better looking of the two. Being unofficial, there’s no direct connection to the game outside of it showing your level if you’re at 9 or above. The watch face is themed to contain the insignia and colors for your respective side in the struggle.

If you’re part of a local faction with its own logo, players are invited to contact the devs of the watchface via email or their website, both found on the Google Play page. If this watch face suites you, grab it from here on Google Play.

Website Referenced: AndroidPolice


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