Ingress update brings with it Power Cube useability

The rather cool and popular location-based game Ingress has received a new update. For those of you out there who happen to be playing in the closed beta, a closed beta that has tons of players I might add, this update brings one feature in particular into the light finally, and by light we mean actually able to use them. Those are the Power Cubes.

So what are these Power Cubes that recently began showing up although in only very rare instances? According to the information we’ve found out, Power Cubes are essentially high concentrations of Exotic Matter (XM) which is basically what the entire game is themed around. A few days ago the odd cubes were starting to be discovered but were unusable. This update changes that.

Power Cubes can apparently allow a player (or agent) to recharge either a specific resonator or portal. Power Cubes also have levels to them which reflect their strength, or amount if you will, of XM the cube can how and how much it can charge a portal or resonator. Of course we won’t go into any more details than this because who knows if any of the Enlightened might be reading this.

To learn more, communication documentation has been updated over on the Niantic Project website for today. Also there were some bug fixes and visual improvements that came along with this update. If you don’t have an invite to the closed beta, keep paying attention to all the information coming out, it’ll come in handy when you do get one.

Official Website: Niantic Project

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