Innovative Social Stand-Up Game Comedy Night is Coming to Android on April 2nd

Lighthouse Games’s innovative, if deeply flawed, Comedy Night is coming to Android on April 2nd. 

The game, which has been out on PC since 2017, sees aspiring comics creating avatars and taking to a virtual stage to try out their material. Other users, meanwhile, sit in the audience and cast votes to decide whether a comic remains on the stage or gets booted off. 

It Can Get a Bit Blue

While the concept will appeal to anybody with an interest in stand-up comedy, in practice Comedy Night suffers from technical issues (i.e. unavoidably tinny, flakey audio) and a lot of suspect material, both morally and in terms of quality. 

You can choose to enter a variety of different performing spaces depending on your sensibilities and level of experience, and you can take part in battles too.

Despite the problems, it’s a fascinating idea, and the PC version has been reasonably popular. Pre-register now to get the nod when it arrives. 

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