International Angry Birds Day, December 11 – In case you haven’t had enough Angry Birds in your life

As the title suggests, if you haven’t had enough Angry Birds in your life so far then there is good news for you! Dubbed International Angry Birds Day, this December 11th, 2010, there will be meet-ups around the world to celebrate Angry Birds. Currently there are 117 meet-ups planned at the time of writing this with more to surely be organized.

What exactly is going to happen at these meet-ups is unknown but Rovio does have some plans in the works. Here is the official description:


Organize or join an Angry Birds Flash Mob Meetup in your town. We recommend choosing a public spot, and using your group’s comments to choose a place to meet up AFTER the Flash Mob to celebrate your success.

Wondering what your Flash Mob will be doing? Watch your email the week before December 11 for details! Trust us – it will be fun, easy, and enjoyable for Angry Birds fans of all ages. Get at least FIVE people to your Meetup for maximum effect!

This would be a great time to release a Christmas version of Angry Birds which is rumored to be in the works. Us Android gamers missed out on the Halloween edition unfortunately so hopefully we are included in the Christmas version.

So who is up for going to one of these meet-ups? I might try to get to the Las Vegas one.

Edit: Also keep an eye out for the Mighty Eagle to hit the Android version of Angry Birds in the very near future. This will also introduce a new bit of gameplay where you have to fill up the destruction gauge! Stay tuned for more info.

Developer Website: Rovio

Meet-up Schedule Site: Meet-up

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