Relive The Top-Down Horror Fun Of Titles Like Ib And Corpse Party With Into Samomor’s New Content

Feature image for our Into Samomor news piece. It shows a figure in a yellow striped T-shirt and green jacket with a shadowed face holding a knife. He is stood on a red background.

A new update just dropped for the free-to-play indie horror game Into Samomor, and it’s a biggie. There’s a revamped intro, new map locations with puzzles, and some big changes to the combat system. You can also find new monsters and a whole new boss somewhere in-game.

Into Samomor is a surreal indie horror game that takes place in the titular town of Samomor. The town has a strange secret. Every ten years, one of Samomor’s residents disappears, no-one sees them again, and that’s not all they have in common. Every missing person was last sighted in front of Samomor Forest.

Into The Woods

The ten-year mark since the last missing citizen approaches, and a new victim disappears, however, one of their close friends decides to venture into the enigmatic woods, in hopes of finding their lost companion. If not that, at least they could find some answers to this mystery that plagues generations of townsfolk.

The game plays from a top-down view rendered in a simplistic style that brings to mind RPG Maker horror classics like Ib and Yume Nikki. You navigate around the world and interact with objects and NPCs. There are puzzles to solve and objects to collect.

Take The Fight To The Monsters

Unlike other games we might compare it to, Into Samomor does take a more proactive approach to the ghoulies and ghosties of the stricken forest. You can pick up weapons and use them to defend yourself, including the most recent addition, a functional bow and arrow.

Don’t think your arsenal trivializes the experience though. Into Samomor is all about making tough choices, and no-one gets out of the woods without making a few sacrifices along the way.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check it out on Google Play.

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