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Into the Breach mobile out now thanks to Netflix

Netflix’s mobile gaming adventures continue to bring fantastic experiences to phone. The entertainment company’s latest release, Into the Breach mobile, may just be its most exciting release yet. 

Into the Breach mobile out now

After weeks of painful waiting, Netflix has finally released the mobile port of Into the Breach. A turn-based mech game inspired by the likes of Front Mission, this is one of the most exciting mobile releases in a while. 

An award-winning PC and mobile game, thus turn-based delight is perfectly suited for mobile. With intuitive touch controls, the title is a brilliant fit for pocket gamers. (It’s also one that we’ve wanted for years.) 

In the game, you’ll be responding to threats against multiple cities. Sometimes, enemy mechs will attack. Other times, huge enemy monsters will try to take you down. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take out threats while reducing damage to the environment. 

For the mobile version, the entire interface has been designed to work better with a touchscreen. Furthermore, the mobile port is based on the game’s newly released Advanced Edition. This includes new mechs, enemies, battles and more. 

Furthermore, this version of the game is more accessible than ever. To support Netflix’s worldwide appeal, the mobile port has new languages including Arabic, Chinese, Korean and more. 

Download the game here on Google Play.

How to play Into the Breach on mobile 

Into the Breach mobile is free to download on both android and iOS. However, you’ll have to have an active Netflix account in order to actually play the game. Yes, it is a bit of a pain. 

In order to do this, you’ll have to download the game from your App Store of choice. Afterwards, you’ll be given a prompt to sign into your Netflix account. And voila! 

Unfortunately, there’s no choice to simply purchase the game and play normally. While that option may come one day, it’s unlikely to be while Netflix is still around. After all, they love that subscription money. 

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Netflix mobile stays strong 

After its founding last summer, Netflix has released over 20 games on mobile. Starting with Into the Dead 2, Netflix’s game releases are very welcome indeed. 

Furthermore, Netflix is continuing to create mobile ports. Despite issues with the company’s low-quality shows as of late, its mobile output is pretty phenomenal. 

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