Investigate the King’s murder in new rpg Zeke & Pandora: the Stolen King, now available from Google Play

Released by FroggyCat Studios, there is a new fully animated RPG that’s been released on Android. Zeke & Pandora is a story that revolves around the two eponymous characters, who are citizens in a kingdom known as the Northern Lands.

The story occurs during a time of unrest in the kingdom. The king has just been murdered, the Queen has assumed power, and the head of the army, General Euphrates, has set out to stomp out opposition. If that weren’t enough, he wants to seize the private land for the crown.

In the midst of this political upheaval, Pandora surreptitiously receives a letter from a trusted friend that gives her reason to question if the king is really dead. With the help of her friend Zeke, they set out on a quest to uncover the truth.

Zeke and Pandora Features:

  • Get swept up in a mythic adventure full of charming art and animation.
  • Follow the immersive story as friendships are made, loyalties are tested, and betrayals are revealed through over 25 levels including game play dialogue and animated cutscenes.
  • Build and customize your party members with 10 jobs, over 80 skills, 14 magic books, more than 90 unique weapons, and over 75 potent attribute-enhancing items.
  • Train 7 playable characters and master 10 unique jobs from the spell-slinging Sage to the shape-shifting Animalgus.
  • Accumulate charge points during combat and use the Skill Combo System to mix and match powerful Attack Skills.
  • Blast monsters with over 30 magical attacks. Gather the 14 books of magic and use them to unlock more powerful magic spells.
  • Arm yourself! Collect and upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith to customize your warriors to fit with your play style.
  • Visit vendors who will trade for the gold and materials you won from defeated enemies or was bestowed upon you by grateful quest givers.
  • Journey across a perilous land with over 75 freakish monsters and more than 30 punishing bosses.
  • Unlock the mysteries of the Northern Lands! Optional levels, challenging dungeons, secret treasure, and dozens of hidden quests.>
  • Save System lets you save anywhere, anytime outside of combat. Be warned that monsters respawn when initiating a saved game.
  • Nurses provide opportunities to heal your team outside of combat, while healing spells and skills allow characters to heal themselves.
  • Undertakers give your characters full charge points to take into combat and save your location before major boss fights.
  • Intuitive user interface lets player navigate the maps, menus, and combat with simple touch-based controls.
  • Optimized for tablets. May have memory issues on older devices or devices running too many apps simultaneously.

The game is a turn-based RPG, and contains animation throughout, both in cut-scenes as well as in combat. There are twenty five levels of play in the game, as well as a variety of customizations available for players, to utilize within their party. Some of these customizations include: ten jobs ranging from magical Sages to the shape shifting Animalgus, fourteen magic books, and more than 90 weapons and 75 different items. All of these customizations can be used with the seven different playable characters. The game also contains hidden quests, outside of the main story line. Players will be able to save their progress anywhere that isn’t in combat.

Zeke & Pandora is available for purchase from Google Play for a flat cost of $2.99. Prospective players can check out the trailer below, to see more of the animation and gameplay.


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