Invictus Games to bring their visually impressive turn-based multiplayer strategy game Greed Corp to Android

We recently talked about Invictus Games and that they were the studios behind the development of the upcoming Race of Champions mobile game for Android. It seems as though they have another title in the works which is a turn-based strategy games called Greed Corp which looks downright impressive.

Greed Corp is a turn-based strategy game where you will have to find a balance between harvesting the land and while keeping it healthy in order to survive. You won’t just have to worry about losing your land if you don’t take care of it as you will have to also defend it against your enemies as well. It comes with plenty of strategy as well considering that you can collapse the land out from under your enemies but they can also do the same to you.


  • An innovative land collapsing mechanic, creating intense strategic battles.
  • Earn Trophies and titles, and climb the online leaderboards playing as one of four factions in bite-sized matches of around 20 minutes
  • Campaign mode with 4 chapters spread over 24 unique maps including an extensive tutorial.
  • 2, 3, and 4-player battles spread across 36 maps.
  • Customize cross platform (iOS, Android and Mac) multi-player matches with any combination of local, online, and computer players (with three difficulty levels)



The gameplay is interesting because you could end up being your own worst enemy in it if you handle your land wrong as it will die out from under you while you are harvesting resources. This will actually hurt your progression in game and give your enemies an advantage. Did we mention that your enemies will be other players? The game is an online multiplayer one that supports cross-platform multiplayer gameplay with up to four player total in a game.

Greed Corp. was released last year onto the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and was actually quite popular. The developers have been working on bringing this to mobile for some time apparently in partnership with Vanguard Games. After doing some snooping around the Invictus website we found that this game is slated for release at the end of October 2011 so we won’t have long to wait. No word just yet on pricing unfortunately. Until we get to play it though, we can always just drool over the preview trailer below.

Developer Website: Invictus Games

Website Referenced: AndroidGuys Twitter

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