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Iron Marines and the Kingdom Rush Games Are Going Cheap in the Ironhide Sale

Ironhide Game Studio, the developer behind the hugely popular Kingdom Rush series of tower defense titles, is holding a sale on the Google Play Store. 

All three premium Kingdom Rush games are included. That’s Kingdom Rush Origins ($2.99 down to 99c), Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($1.99 down to 99c), and Kingdom Rush Vengeance ($4.99 down to 2.99). The original Kingdom Rush is already free.

It’s not uncommon for these games to be discounted, and they’ve been cheaper in the past, but this time Ironhide Game Studio has added Iron Marines to the sale at its cheapest ever price: 99c, down from $2.99.

The Kingdom Rush games are all tower defense titles, albeit excellent ones. Iron Marines, meanwhile, is more of a fully fledged RTS, with echoes of StarCraft.

All four games are excellent. To check them out, head to the Ironhide Game Studio Google Play Store page.

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