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Iron Saga is holding an Armored Gull Event, With New Pilots, Mechas, and More on Offer

Mech battler Iron Saga is currently holding an in-game event called Armored Gull, which has a bunch of powerful new mechs and pilots on offer.

Players level 15 and above can take on the Armored Gull quest, which has multiple stages and rewards you with ND Ores for completing them.

Iron Saga Features New Mechas and Pilots

You can then spend these on items on new pilots and resources at the Armored Gull Merchant, which is available until February 13 through the Babylon Shop.

There are two new mechas on offer too, including the B.A.T. Samurai and Breaking Dawn. You can collect shards by defeating them, and if you save up enough you can grab them from the Merchant.

Meanwhile, new pilots include Chosokabe Wayne, Eleven, Fiona, and Gwen Pullan. You can grab these from the Merchant as well as the new mechs.

The Armored Gull Event is available right now, and runs up until February 13. You’ll need to be level 15 or over to participate, so bear that in mind. Grab it from Google Play now.

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