Irregular Recruits Mixes Deck-Building, Auto-Chess and More

Irregular Recruits has just landed on the Play Store, and it brings with it an intriguing mix of deck-building, roguelite and Auto-Chess. It’s made by a single-person indie team, and it’s premium as well. Neato.

The game sees you working your way through a series of encounters, recruiting new units to add to your deck and engaging in auto-chess style fights.

There’s perma-death here, and randomly generated paths. And that makes for an interesting blend between the mid and the hardcore. Here’s a trailer to give you a better idea of what the game has in store.

There are 8 different commanders to unlock, as well as more than 200 different units to recruit to your army. There are choices to be made along the way as well.

Irregular Recruits is available from the Play Store right now, and it’ll set you back $4.49 to give it a go. You can click here to download it right this very second.

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