Is Battery Boy the First Mobile Game to Change Depending on Your Battery Level?

Battery Boy is a an endless runner with, as far as we can tell, a unique twist: it changes depending on how much battery charge you’ve got left.

Developed by Petricore, whose other fairly well received and slickly presented games include Gelato Flicker and Dead Drop Desperado, Battery Boy sees you steering a little spiky ball of orange energy through procedurally generated stages, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.

The twist is that there are four different types of coin, and they vary depending on your current level of battery charge. You can then use these coins to play pinball, with different prizes available depending on the coins you used.

It’s a fairly superficial gimmick – particularly as the prizes you win are cosmetic – but an interesting idea all the same. Or a completely pointless one. We can’t decide. Top marks for inventiveness, though.

Battery Boy is available for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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