It’s finally here! Level Up’s first episode for season 2 is now available to watch.

Last week the first episode of the Gamecrap Season 2 was finally released, much to the joy of all of our readers. Well it’s now time to launch the first episode of another series you have all been waiting for – Level Up. That’s right, the second season of the Level Up series has begun!

In this episode the important topic of movies based on video games is discussed, and more importantly, why the majority of them suck horribly. Amazingly enough, there is an actual answer for this and you’ll find out what that is while watching Level Up Season 2 Episode 1 – Why Do Video Game Movies Suck? So sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy! If you missed the premier episode for season 2 of Gamecrap, you can check that out here as well.

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