It’s almost Halloween so how about a list of some fun and freaky games to play

Well it is almost Halloween, the time where horror movie fans, zombie fanatics and everyone else get to dress up and go have fun whether it’s scaring the hell out of other people or working on your next dental bill with a ton of candy to eat. It’s also a good time to check out some Halloween type of games!

This list of games is in no particular order, so it isn’t a Top 5 list or anything like that. This is a just a list of some games we’ve enjoyed either because they happen to actually be somewhat scary or are just Halloween themed type of games that would seem like something people would enjoy playing this time of year. Of course if you have your own suggestions, by all means leave a comment below with your choice of games for this Halloween you think people would like.

The Mystique Series by Bendroid

The Mystique series of games climbs right up there in the creepy factor when it comes to talking about games to play on Halloween that can actually freak you out a bit. An escape type of game, you have to solve puzzles and explore your way through a total of three chapters, each being a separate download, that features some pretty eerie 3D graphics and sounds. The storyline itself is rather twisted as well with Chapter 1 having you wake up in a room and you have to get out of it. Chapter 2 and 3 greatly expand on the story and the actual area you can explore along with the puzzles you need to solve and fights to win (or lose).


Even though this is a rather freaky game, it’s also a very challenging one and people, to this day, still have problems completing all three chapters of Mystique. If you are looking for a rather eerie game to play this Halloween, this entire series is a good place to start. The first chapter is free while the second and third will run you $2.99 each. It’s almost like having a little Silent Hill on your Android device.

Android Market Links: Mystique Chapter 1: Foetus | Mystique Chapter 2: The Child | Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus

Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse by KBDev

This nifty little game is actually a location-based survival game for Android. When you register you are assigned as either being an Infected or a Survivor. If you are one of the infected (as in a zombie) it is your job to attack and infect other people around you. If you’re a survivor, your job is to defend yourself and survive. If you happen to get infected, as a survivor, you end up turning into a zombie in-game, and possibly in real life, and your job changes to that of other infected players.


It’s a rather interesting game that has been in beta for almost a year now. It’s just been updated to Version 2.0 with lots of improvements so now is a great time to jump on board and start either surviving as long as you can or trying to eat the brains of other survivors. You can download this game off the Android Market for free.

Android Market Link: Outbreak! Zombie Apocalypse

Twisted Lands: Shadow Town by Alawar Games

Since Hidden Object games are rather popular it seems these days, we figured including one into this list was necessary and Twisted Lands: Shadow Town by Alawar Games is about as spooky and eerie as it gets when it comes to Hidden Objects games. You play as Mark who, with his wife Angel, ended up in some mysterious town after your small boat crashed onto some beach. After the crash, your wife was dragged off into the darkness and it’s your job to find her and in the process reveal the truth about this spooky little town.


The entire atmosphere of this game is dark and while being an hidden objects game, comes off pretty eerie at times. This is largely thanks to the visual and the audio that comes with Twisted Lands: Shadow Town. You can download this title off the Android Market for free to try out or you can buy the full version for $1.99.

Android Market Link: Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

GRave Defense HD by ArtOfBytes

If you are looking for a more Tower Defense style of game where massacring wave after waves of zombies and boss monsters is your cup of tea, then GRave Defense HD is probably the title you are looking for. Not only are the graphics and gameplay excellent, there is actually a storyline that comes with the game, something you don’t normally see in a Tower Defense type of game. The storyline follows a few survivors as they try to survive the obvious post-apocalytic world that now seems to exist after zombies and other nasty things took over.


While this isn’t a creepy game, it does have monsters and zombies galore that you get to mow down or end up being defeated by. There are plenty of extras to the game as well for some solid replay value and of course, a survivor mode with endless waves of creatures. You can pick up GRave Defense HD for free or for an even bigger version you can grab the full one for $2.88. Also keep an eye out for their new game Night of the Living Dead Defense which, is if was out now, would be on this list.

Android Market Link: GRave Defense HD

Sliceween by Nelphy Games

On a more lighter, fun note then the previous titles is this little game called Sliceween from Nelphy Games. This is a physics-based puzzle game where your job is to get the bat to the haunted house. This is accomplished by using all the objects that happen to be in each stage. You can use things like spiders, teleporters, bats and other useful objects to get your little bat to his favorite haunted house.


Sliceween comes with a total of 80 level split between four different worlds that all have a Halloween theme to them. This will definitely get everyone is a more Halloween type of mood for sure. Best part is you can download this little gem off the Android Market for free.

Android Market Link: Sliceween

Believe me there are plenty of other zombie, Halloween, monster, eerie games available on the Android Market so definitely check them all out. Don’t forget, like we mentioned at the beginning, leave a comment and let us know what Halloween-type game you like to play on your Android device. That way we can have a nice big list for those interested!

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