Move Over Candy, Jewels Are The New Crush! Jewels Town: Match 3 Now On Google Play

The feature image for news on Jewels Town: Match 3 has a dog grinning with a bell in its paw surrounded by a flowery garden and a block of puzzle gems with the title of the game on the top right corner.

You’ll swap, match, and crush in Jewels Town: Match 3! You can jump into hundreds of levels, each testing your skills and wit in a new way.

What Shines In Jewel Town?

In Jewels Town: Match 3, you scour hundreds of beautifully designed stages. To keep things interesting, new content is added constantly. The game has different types that will make you think and plan how to win.

You can improve your game with boosters and combos that help you overcome barriers and beat even the hardest levels. You can even get three stars on every step! Get all of them to earn special prizes and helpful boosts. 

When you log in every day, you can get unique gifts and a daily reward from the treasure box. Pearl Town is a great place to find something new every day. Are you not connected to the internet? That’s not a problem! You can have fun in Jewel Town even when you’re not online. 

Easy To Play

The game is available in 16 languages, and more are on the way so that you can play with friends worldwide. Jewel Town is a laid-back place to have fun that grows with you.

Match three jewels to get them all, or make power-up gems that sparkle and explode. You must carefully plan your moves to earn points and make excellent routines that make you smile from ear to ear. 

Use tools to help you get through levels and keep moving forward in the game. Your goal should be to get three stars on every stage. It tests your ability to match gems! You can get awards and check the leaderboard to see how you’re doing compared to your friends.

New levels are added frequently, so there are always new problems to solve. You also get a daily bonus, so you can keep returning for more fun, with as much time as you need to finish each level.

If this piqued your interest, get Jewel Town on Google Play! Jewel Town has no ads, and you can make purchases inside the app, like boosts, if you want to.

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