Join guilds, build ships, dominate space with mobile MMO Rogue Universe

Massively multiplayer online games are often set in fantasy worlds, with giants and orcs and dragons and the like. But you don’t need to invent a world to have fun – you just need to look up. After all, what better setting is there for an adventure than space?

Countless games have been set among the stars, of course, including a fair few on mobile. But until now there hasn’t been a really good space MMO – nothing to rival the PC’s EVE Online.

That’s about to change with Rogue Universe, a sprawling space MMO from developer MUSTGAMES.

The game came about after MUSTGAMES won a coveted Unreal Dev Grant, awarded by industry titan Epic Games to promising developers using Unreal Engine 4.

It sees you venturing into space in “universe year” 1983, completing missions, stockpiling resources, constructing a fleet of ships, and more. You start small, but by the end you can be running the entire universe. That’s quite a career ladder.

How you live your virtual life among the stars is a matter of choice. You can be a scoundrel, running players off their planets and pillaging their homes, or you can be a nice guy, teaming up with other humans to defeat NPCs and so on.

Travel to a Rogue Universe

While epic battles against the backdrop of eternity will naturally make an appearance, you’ll also be able to engage in some detailed micromanagement.  This includes constructing and reinforcing your ships, sending your crew out to complete missions, devising battle plans, and much more.

Casting a shadow over the whole universe are three factions: U.N.S., Black Flag, and Zurich Bank. These huge, powerful alliances determine where you can safely travel, and you can switch allegiances as you see fit, playing forces off against each other on your path to total domination.  

With a sprawling sandbox environment to explore and some gorgeous comic book presentation from artists who have worked for Marvel, Disney, and DC, Rogue Universe is looking like a wild ride.

It’s now available in Canada on Google Play (and the App Store).

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