Journey Season 8 Live Now in Gwent, Love Event Kicking Off Soon

The latest season of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is Journey Season 8, and it’s just gone live. And there’s a new event coming to celebrate that most nauseating of holidays, Valentine’s Day as well.

The new season features 100 levels for you to work your way through, with more than 80 different rewards to unlock. You’ll do that by playing Standard, Seasonal, and Draft games.

There’s also going to be new chapters of an original story published weekly featuring the bard Dandelion and the spy Sigismund Dijkstra. Here’s a trailer for the new season.

Elsewhere, the Love Event is set to kick off on February 11th, letting you complete tasks for different factions to earn special lovey-dovey but also dark and gritty rewards.

You can click here to find out more about Journey Season 8 at the game’s official website. There’s a breakdown of the goodies you can earn, and which will require a subscription to bag.

If you haven’t played Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP.

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