Joyland Bounce

Joyland Bounce, developed by Intouch Games, is a game where you tilt your device to get your little smiley face ball to move, bouncing all over the place until you reach the end of the stage. While the premise is simple enough, the backgrounds are rather good and the music suits the game well making this a good choice to kill some time with.

Interestingly enough, it reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog game series where you spins and roll all over the place, killing enemies and collecting rings. While there aren’t any enemies in this particular game, you do bounce and roll all over the place and collect stars while doing it. Each stage is like a maze and you have to find your way to the end, denoted by a swirly red wormhole type animation, to move on to the next.

Controls are easy enough, just tilt in the direction you want your ball to go. Physics wise, Joyland Bounce is quite good and the physics of the bouncing and rolling seem to be pretty on point. At times you gain a lot of momentum and end up bouncing all over the place if you aren’t careful. Graphically this game has a lot of eye candy with very detailed backgrounds for each stage and animated animals throughout each one.


  • 35 levels of bouncing goodness
  • 2 game modes – Story and Arcade
  • Graphically beautiful backgrounds
  • Original music


Arcade mode just lets you play the levels without the storyline being involved whereas Story mode you go through the plot of the game. The options of the game allow you to turn the music on/off, change the viewing of the game from landscape to portrait and you can pick your controls to be either tilt or swipe although tilt is much better. It will also record your best times for each stage.

Joyland Bounce was made to be just a fun game to play and it achieves that. The music, background, gameplay and characters are all just fun elements creating a fun game. It is easy to just pick up and play as well. You can pick up this entertaining title off the Android market for roughly $1.50USD for the full version or you can try out the Lite version for free.

Developer Website: Intouch Games

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